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Before you begin please check the contents of your kit. If anything appears to be missing or in short supply please contact us and we shall be happy to forward the item.


The Japanese seed beads are selected for their high quality but these very small, size 15 beads, may vary slightly in their size and shape. The kit contains more beads than you need to complete the design so select only the best when sewing and don't worry if some are not large enough for the needle to pass through. The beads and needles are very fine so if possible work in good light to avoid straining your eyes.

How to Begin

Start by placing all the seed beads, in their colour groups, on a flat surface. A beading mat is perfect but a dinner plate with a piece of kitchen towel will work just as well. Each of these bead colour groups will be represented by a similarly coloured symbol on the chart.


Next, find the centre of the beading fabric. This may be done using either a ruler or simply by folding the fabric in half along both diagonals.

Finding centre of beading fabric canvas

Threading the Needle

The kit contains two needles, a beading needle with a very fine eye and an embroidery needle with a larger eye for the embroidery thread.


Ideally, the beads are sewn using two strands of white sewing thread. However, the eye of the beading needle is very fine and threading the needle can be fiddly so a single length of sewing thread, although not as strong, may be used instead.


Cut a 1.5m length of white sewing thread. Fold the thread in half and cut the two free ends to the same length before threading them both through the fine eye of the beading needle.

Stitching the Design

Starting at the centre of the beading fabric use a loop knot to attach the thread -


Bring the needle up through the central hole (1) leaving the loop of thread (2) hanging at the back. Following the chart, slip the correctly coloured bead onto the needle. Pass the needle back down through the neighbouring, diagonal hole (3), and through the loop of thread, pulling tight to attach both the bead and the thread to the fabric. Use only the large holes in the fabric for stitching.

Attaching sewing thread and bead to fabric

Following the Chart

Each square on the chart represents a single bead. The squares are marked with a symbol and are coloured in a similar shade to the bead they represent. Starting at the centre, working through the large holes of the fabric, and following the chart, attach the beads. Take care to stitch in the same diagonal direction (half cross stitch) to ensure the beads lie flat. As the design progresses the beads will start to lock themselves together. Make a few small stitches in the back of your work when finishing one length of thread and starting another. You may choose to stitch all the beads of one colour before moving onto the next colour. Alternatively, work across the rows picking the correctly coloured bead.

Needlework chart


Single Colour

Row by Row

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