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End of Term Apples for a Favourite Teacher

With the end of term fast approching I thought it might be a good time to think of a unique gift to thank deserving teachers.

This little apple is very simple, perfect for beginners or older children and may be stitched within a couple of hours.

The finished needlework may be framed or attached to a card and given as a gift.


Apple Header

The example shown is stitched in size 11 seed beads on fine linen using 25 count waste canvas to provide a grid when stitching.

Alternatively, the design may be completed in cross stitch on either 12hpi or 14hpi Aida fabric using two strands of coloured embroidery thread.

A single apple measures approximately 6cm x 6cm when finished, but you may like to create a whole row or border of apples.

I haven't specified colours, just go with whatever takes your fancy or you have to hand.

I would love to see your finished work - especially the red apple as I haven't yet found time to stitch it !!!

Following many admiring glances and request for a kit the green apple can now be found by clicking here.



© Emma Pavier 2014



© Emma Pavier 2014



Green Apple Mini Beadwork Kit

These charts are free for personal use but please don't reproduce or use them commercially without first obtaining permission.

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