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Welcome to Ann's Orchard Needlework


Named after my home, located in the English countryside, which is reputed to have been built on land that belonged to the Boleyn family and given to King Henry VIII on the occasion of his marriage to their daughter Anne.


I have been fascinated by textiles since I was quite tiny and take great pleasure in collecting antique and vintage needlework as well as designing my own. My current work is a contemporary take on the Victorian tradition for sewing with glass seed beads. These beads are both wonderful and quite challenging to design with as they reflect and adsorb light, giving variations in texture and an iridescent quality to needlework.

Inspiration comes from many sources, including our pet cat, who is now immortalised as 'Moggie'. The design process is somewhat traditional, lots of photographs, sketches, grided paper and acetate sheets. Designs are stitched, unpicked and restitched numerous times largely because the beads, although beautiful, develop different colours when stitched in combination. Only once I am happy with a design is it transferred to the computer and converted to a chart for printing.

We have a range of beadwork kits for everyone. The technique is very simple, a half cross stitch to attach each bead using white sewing thread. The mini kits may be completed in a couple of hours and are ideal for children (8+ years), anyone new to needlework or who simply likes the idea of a quick project! The more traditional designs, stitched on linen, are a fabulous progression and easier than cross stitch as there is no need to change thread for each colour. Using a frame for the larger designs is a matter of preference and is not necessary for the mini kits.


Unfortunately, although I would love to,  I simply don't have enough time to sew and supply finished beadwork.


I am constantly developing new designs and welcome any suggestions for favourite themes. Please contact me on epavier@annsorchard.co.uk.

Alternatively, message me on Twitter @AnnsOrchard or Facebook

Happy stitching!

Emma Pavier

Emma Pavier